framing your records with IKEA

IKEA Gladsax: The Easy Way to Frame Your Vinyl

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framing your records with IKEA
IKEA Gladsax frames are specifically made for vinyl LPs (Photo by Brad Moon)

Vinyl has been in the midst of a serious comeback in recent years. The resurgence hasn’t been exclusively for throwing on a turntable, either. I’ve seen purses made from vinyl LPs stitched together, fruit bowls fashioned from melted vinyl, and my kids gave me a clock for Christmas made from a well-worn Rush 2112 album. But vinyl—and, specifically, the album covers—is also popular for decorating. I just used a bunch of old album covers to help decorate my office, and what made the project easier and less expensive than expected was IKEA Gladsax frames.

IKEA gladsax frame clips
Spring clips hold everything in place while offering flexibility for thicker covers (Photo by Brad Moon)

It figures that IKEA would be all over this trend. Gladsax frames are specifically designed for framing vinyl.

They’re made of black-painted aluminum, with glass and a backing board (with mounting clip) that’s painted black on the side that faces the viewer, ensuring there are no sloppy white spaces visible between the edge of the cover and the edge of the frame.

Installation was easy and once you’ve done one, they take maybe a minute at most.

A spring clip is used in each corner that holds everything in place while adding just enough pressure to ensure the cover stays flat against the glass.  The clips do require a little force to pop off and they have sharp edges, but they offer the flexibility of accommodating everything from single to even triple albums.

Here’s the end result.

pro record frame results with IKEA Gladsax
Album framed in 60 seconds using IKEA Gladsax frame (Photo by Brad Moon)

Not bad for $7.99 a pop. It’s also very easy to access the cover inside once installed, so if you want to change things up you can simply  pop the clips and switch up the album cover for a new one. If you’re looking for a way to display some of your vinyl collection and add a bit of a retro vibe to a space—easily, economically, and without damaging the covers—the IKEA Gladsax frames are a no-brainer.

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5 thoughts on “IKEA Gladsax: The Easy Way to Frame Your Vinyl

  1. I would be grateful if you could find out why IKEA have discontinued GLADSAX frame for Vinyl records. I cant believe it I only need about 20 more.

  2. Hey,

    I’m also sad they stopped selling it.
    I phoned Ikea France and they said to me that they had to stopped selling them because their supplier stopped making the frame for Ikea. And they don’t have an alternative so far. So no Gladsax anymore 🙁

    I’m looking for a frame that is that cheap and pretty much of the same quality for my business.
    Anyone found an alternative already? If you do, let me know!
    I did not find an alternative yet but I keep looking.

  3. Hey,

    Yeah I saw about the frame from Ikea, I even bought a couple of frames to see what’s what. But honestly, they are a bit more expensive for a very poor quality. Gladsax were way better. I’m honestly a bit disappointed by this new series from Ikea. And plus, the new frame is only available in silver… 🙁

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