GBBP Unplugged 8: Jason Mewes

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Unplugged Episode 8: Jason Mewes

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This week, we welcome Jason Mewes to our little corner of the Internet. Snootchie bootchies! That’s right, we get to hang for a bit with the louder, more obnoxious half of Jay and Silent Bob. And it’s pretty amazing. Jason came on the show to chat about Bling, the new animated film in which he appears as a small red superhero robot (yeah, that’s kind of awesome). The film is in theaters now, so check it out if you’ve got little ones.

Jason made a name for himself in basically every Kevin Smith movie ever, but he burst onto the scene (with Smith) in the groundbreaking Clerks. Recently, Mewes and Smith have taken their antics on the road and host the podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, along with a number of other things.

In our chat, we talk about his new film, whether “snootchie bootchies” ever gets old, podcasting, addiction and sobriety, and becoming a father. Yeah, we pack a lot in.

But before we get to that, we have a quick roundtable with some geeky buddies to discuss a few recent “newsworthy” items. Welcome Samantha Fisher (GeekMom), Chris Wickersham (GeekDad), and Christian Lee (What Are You Watching?) to the show!

Guys, you really need to listen to this one. Don’t let the “Unplugged” tag fool you. Mewes is amazing, and our lead-in roundtable offers up the most brilliant, genius product idea I’ve ever heard: Snootchie Bleu Cheese Salad Dressing.


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