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Norse Foundry Coins Are Worth Their Weight in Gaming Gold

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norse foundry coins

When it comes to tabletop gaming, I’ve always found it’s the little things that truly help set the mood. A hand-scrawled map to a dungeon’s depths, the soft thrum of thematic music, hell, even appropriate lighting can make a run-of-the-mill gaming session feel more like a truly epic adventure.

There are tons of resources available for the motivated DM. Jim and Ryan have both shared their expertise regarding terrain creation here on the blog, and Anthony continues to explore the ins and outs of miniature painting. Still, there are some things most of us just can’t do on our own–like strike authentic metal coins.

Once again, this is where the crew at Norse Foundry comes to the rescue.

Just like their metal gaming dice sets, Norse Foundry’s coins are top-notch: sturdy and shiny with intricately carved designs and cutouts. Available in packs of 10, these Dwarven Coins come in multiple sizes and denominations. The “100”¬†and “25” value coins are about as big as a quarter¬†and are beautifully decorated with a rising wyvern and an idyllic mountain range, respectively. Slightly smaller is the “10”, festooned with the very forge itself, and the “5”, featuring festive images of ale tankards. The single denomination, however, might be the best of the set, with its simplistic symmetrical design and nickel-sized footprint.

Ten-packs are available for each individual denomination, or you can get two of each of the five aforementioned designs in their Variety Pack. Either way, the price is $14.99 per set–a small investment for a big thematic payoff. In addition to using them to represent in-game coinage, they also make great counters, reroll tokens, or special rewards for your most dedicated players.

And if the classic fantasy motif doesn’t strike your fancy, Norse Foundry also offers similar coins in a steampunk theme.

crit failBut, as much as I enjoy the smaller coins, my personal favorite has to be their larger Crit/Fail coins. Designed to look like a two-dimensional D20, these coins come in silver and gold finishes, and they make the perfect “D2.” Properly weighted and beautifully sculpted, they’ve actually helped me overcome my aversion to the dreaded coin-flip.

Significantly bigger and more deeply detailed than the other game coins, a Crit/Fail will set you back $5. It’s an affordable price that makes them a hard-to-resist addition to your metal dice purchase.

Check out the entire line–and all the other geeky goodies–over at the Norse Foundry site.

Review materials provided by: Norse Foundry

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