Kickstarter Alert: ‘BattleTech’ Returns to PC

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Battletech-MainHarebrained Schemes has launched their much anticipated Kickstarter today to bring BattleTech back to the PC.

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I recently covered PAX Prime and chatting with Jordan Wiseman about BattleTech. The wait is over, for the Kickstarter at least. Wiseman, the creator of BattleTech and MechWarrior, is bringing BattleTech back in a big way. If successfully funded, BattleTech will be the first turn-based PC game set in this world in over two decades! The game promises to blend the RPG aspects of MechWarrior with turn-based tactics and plenty of Mechs.

My arctic camo minis are 20 years old! Photo by Will James.

I cannot wait for this game to launch, and I have no doubts that it will be successful. Harebrained Schemes has been creating amazing games bringing back the games of my youth, and this should be no different. Back in high school, when we had gotten a little bored of D&D, my friends and I dabbled in BattleTech and MechWarrior, and we loved it! I, along with my two BattleTech minis, have been patiently waiting a long time for this game. If you’re as excited as I am, head over to Kickstarter now and help make this game a reality!

Check out this gallery of awesome concept art, including some concept art for the gameplay and ‘Mech customization.

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6 thoughts on “Kickstarter Alert: ‘BattleTech’ Returns to PC

      1. I’m really happy for these guys. They’ve done such a great job with Shadowrun that I’m sure BattleTech will be great too. At this rate it seems they will probably hit all the goals! Thanks for reading!

  1. My son always played with the “paper robots” in my 80’s Battletech boxed sets. He later graduated to raiding my PC game collection to play the Battletech series and even tuned up an ancient PC withering away in our junk closet just so he could play Mechwarrior 2. Looking forward to this and I hope they get the PvP funding!

    1. It certainly seems like they are set to blow away all of their goals at this rate 🙂 that’s awesome that your son went through all the good ‘old’ stuff. Hopefully you guys can enjoy the new BattleTech game together!

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