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Kickstarter Secrets

Greg Pak, who has run three successful book-based Kickstarter projects, is writing a book called Kickstarter Secrets, sharing the things he’s learned and mistakes he’s made. The book is, as you might have guessed, seeking funding on Kickstarter now. Pak will include advice on everything from deciding whether Kickstarter is right for you to picking rewards and pledge levels to the tricky business of fulfillment.

There are all sorts of potential pitfalls when you run a crowdfunding campaign, and it seems every year a new batch of project creators discovers the same missteps. (For instance, did you know that Chinese New Year happens every year? Don’t plan on getting any manufacturing done in Asia around then.) Pak’s book isn’t the only Kickstarter book out there, but it promises to be filled with actual details and figures from his own projects, so if you like concrete examples, this may be a good resource.

Since Pak’s projects were book-based, I imagine that this will be most helpful to those planning book-based projects. Some lessons can certainly be applied to other types of projects, but each industry has its own particulars to deal with, whether that’s making movies or getting a board game manufactured or coding a videogame.

You can get Pak’s secrets as a PDF for as little as $12, and there are other pledge levels if you’d like to get copies of the other books he has funded in digital or physical form.

For more information, check out the Kickstarter Secrets campaign page.

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