‘Ghostbusters’ Video Games Announced

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Ghostbusters-MainTo coincide with the release of The Ghostbusters film, Activision in conjunction with Sony will be releasing not just one, but two video games this summer!

Ghostbusters will be released on July 12th, the same week as the movie’s release. It will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Although the game can be played solo, it is really intended to be a third-person couch co-op. Although there have been a ton of games in this genre in more recent years, the nostalgia of Ghostbusters immediately made me think of Smash TV, one of my all-time favorite arcade games.

In-game screenshots provided by Activision.

The game does not follow any established characters or films, but instead puts the player in the role of a rookie Ghostbuster. There is a light role-playing element that allows for upgrading of gear and abilities. There are four characters to choose from, each with their own special abilities and play style. It’s a nice touch to see that the characters are split 50/50 male/female and include racial diversity as well.

The mobile game, Ghostbusters: Slime City, will be available on iOS, Android, and select Kindle devices. It will also be a co-op game, but will be asynchronous so each player can go at their own pace. Players can customize their own proton packs (which immediately made me think about building my own lightsaber), upgrade their own headquarters, and find new weapons by completing jobs around the city.

I can’t wait for the new movie to come out, and I only wish these games were coming out sooner to help with the wait. I’ll definitely be trying both games when they come out so look for more in-depth reviews then!

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