Zepp 2 Device and Baseball Smart Coach App

Big Sport and Big Data From Zepp

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An obvious, yet often overlooked, part of the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) into regular life is the collection of data from users’ actions. Sometimes this “big data” is used behind the scenes to make our smart places react as if they were intelligent on their own and other times the information gathered is better used to change some facet of the world.

Zepp 2 Device and Baseball Smart Coach App
Zepp 2 Device and Baseball Smart Coach App.
Image Courtesy: Zepp

One such opportunity comes in athletic training, visualizing the data of the swings, throws, and hits of sports to allow users to improve their performance. Today, an updated device from industry leader Zepp was released that permits athletes to train smarter and improve faster than ever before. The Architechnologist has been incredibly fortunate to receive a complimentary Zepp 2 device and we have been testing it ourselves (and with members of a local Little League team too).

Designed to train baseball and softball players of all skill levels, the new software features the Zepp “Smart Coach,” taking the data collected from a few swings and diagnosing areas to improve, providing personalized training programs based on each individual’s swing data. The Zepp 2 device also holds potential for coaches, allowing them to manage whole teams of players, track their improvement, and show their athletes their swing in a way that allows for a very clear, graphic understanding. Another new addition to the application paired with the Zepp 2 is a “Track Your Season” feature that can be utilized by both individual players and coaches to see how individuals are progressing.

The updated Zepp 2 sensor’s circular shape allows it to be embedded into sporting equipment for baseball, softball, golf, and a variety of other sports. This new silhouette houses a battery that lasts up to eight hours, includes two accelerometers, two gyroscopes, and Bluetooth LE for greater accuracy throughout the experience.

Zepp 2 is now available for $149.99 at Zepp.com. Included in the package with the Zepp 2 sensor is a sport specific mount and magnetic charger; additional mounts for baseball/softball and golf are available separately. The Zepp 2 application and sensors are compatible with both iOS and Android.

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