Same Geek Channel: Weekly Recap for March 20-26, 2016

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Supergirl, Episode 1.17: “Manhunter” 

Team up time for our girls! image via CBS
Team up time for our girls! image via CBS

Corrina: Quick Recap: Martian Manhunter gets yet another origin and this one involves Superman, er, Dean Cain. Show of hands of everyone who thinks Hank Henshaw is dead? Yeah, I thought not. Meanwhile, Major Lucy Lane (how did she get promoted to Major already?) and Colonel Jim Harper, better know to fans of obscure DC trivia as The Guardian, find out J’onn J’onnz is really Hank or vice versa. He’s arrested, Alex is arrested for lying to Lucy. (Aside: if everyone on this show who lied got arrested, we would have no cast left at all.)

Kara joins Barry Allen and Oliver Queen in the “I don’t care who knows my secret identity” camp and reveals herself to Lucy, and they rescue MM and Alex from Jim Harper. Who abruptly quits and puts Lucy in charge of Project Cadmus. Umm…okay?

Meantime, we find out one of the reasons Kara never used her powers after coming to Earth. Seems that she went to the beach with Alex’s friends and had THE NERVE to rescue a mother and her baby from a burning car. BAD KARA. Well, it’s nice you saved the baby, Dean (Superman) Cain says, but next time, kid, you have to let people die. Because that’s just how important you are.

Way to parent, Superman! Let people die. You’re more important than them. Sorry, everyone who ever was in trouble around Kara between that day and the day she decided to save people from a plane crash. It’s just too dangerous for Kara. Hope you understand. Maybe Kara can ask him about it soon because it seems Jeremiah isn’t dead after all. That’s good, right, and I can look forward to the inevitable conversation in which stepdad tells Kara she should have stayed secret and let everyone die because he loves her too much to see her hurt.

I suspect Alex picked up this unconscious parenting because she’s not concerned with anything but wearing stilletos, getting drunk, and generally being anti-social after her father’s death. So….grieving makes you sexy? Interesting angle. And by interesting, I mean ridiculous.

Oh,  by the way, Cat fired someone because Winn knew Kara’s keystoke speed and thus knew the nasty email sent to Cat supposedly from Kara came from the other assistant, Siobhan. That is creepy as all hell, Winn. Kara, run away! But, still, gotta admire his dedication. As my husband said, “Winn just threw away the one person who would sleep with him!” But Siobhan has the last laugh, sorta, as she falls from the roof when talking with Winn. (Winn, women keep falling off roofs around you. Take that as a clue, eh?) But Siobhan aka The Silver Banshee has sonic scream powers and lives! Well, that makes two super-powered women who are mad as hell with Cat.

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  1. I’ve always thought that Zoom was Zolomon Hunter; after all, Zoom *was* Hunter. But even though I admit I like the idea of a total personality spli between Jay and Zoom, I also think there have been times when both were accounted for (and in separate Earths). I’m not sure the Man in the Iron mask is yet another Jay Garrick… To top it all off, Hunter is Earth-1’s Garrick’s counterpart… And there’s the little detail of Zoom actually killing Garrick in front of the team.

    Damn, this is all too confusing!

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