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Planet Earth Artwork
Art by EG Sinister

Why settle for your local gallery when NASA is offering to include your artwork in an exhibition out of this world?

NASA is looking for original artwork that captures the essence of exploration. They are going to put it all together and shoot it off to an asteroid. And YOU are invited to add your own work to the collection!

It’s not the first time NASA has done this. This particular mission OSIRIS-REx started in 2014 when NASA asked the general public to submit their names to send into space.

Of course, this is but a mere copy of the original challenge sent out to space: the Golden Record. A fantastic project sent off with Voyager, carrying a range of images and music as a gift for other space explorers.

So what’s with the fascination of sending our stuff into space?

Aw c’mon! Who doesn’t want their name or artwork out there?!? It is the beginning of conquering the universe!!

Human curiosity has always motivated us to meet whoever or whatever is out there. And we always want to make the best first impression.

Show off our creativity; share our favourite views around the world; brag about all of our achievements.

It’s like Facebook for the stars.

Image Captured By Evil Genius Mum
Image Captured By Evil Genius Mum

Naturally, my 9yo spawnling wants in on the action. His class is currently studying Space in the science component. He has done an essay on Edwin Hubble, built his own self-sustaining terrarium  as an example of an eco-sphere, and created his own version of  The Golden Record.

Photo by Evil Genius Mum EG Sinister's Self-Sustaining Terrarium
Photo by Evil Genius Mum
EG Sinister’s Self-Sustaining Terrarium

His whole class wants to be part of space exploration. To leave their mark on uncharted plains. Isn’t that what any self-respecting explorer/geek wants to do? Given his generation has a better chance than mine, I still like NASA offering everyone a little opportunity like this.

Using an asteroid as an art gallery? That’s just cool!

If you ARE going to submit something, you need to act fast! Submissions close Sunday, March 20 at 11:59 am.

Check out the OSIRIS-REx Mission page for more info.

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