CES News: Bitdefender BOX Gets a Big Update to Help Keep Your Home Network Secure

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2nd Generation Bitdefender BOX

About a year ago, we told you about the Bitdefender BOX, an amazing piece of hardware for your home network that adds sophisticated security and protection to all the insecure devices, like game consoles, tablets, and mobile phones, that connect to the internet but only have their own basic security. Well, this year our sponsoring partner BitDefender is back and making a big announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES): the second generation Bitdefender BOX is coming to safeguard your home Internet of Things.

2016 tech news was pretty much about two topics: the Internet of Things (meaning more and more devices in your home being connected to the internet) and people getting hacked. Makes you feel really good about having all those wifi-connected cameras just lying around the house, doesn’t it?

Well, in 2017 Bitdefender is stepping up their game and will be adding a second generation BOX to their lineup of home network protection hardware. Both the first and second generation BOXes feature a firewall, anti-virus, parental controls, VPN, and remote hardware management tools. It’s like having Data at your Operations console, keeping an eye on the ship.

And if the teases they’ve been putting out in the lead-up to CES are any indication, the second generation BOX will add revved up hardware specs, along with new active monitoring features, and a whole slew of new ways to keep all the connected devices on your network safe. It’s basically a computer of its own, with an ARM processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage, all designed to run deep-packet inspection, traffic monitoring, and (with the annual subscription), keep up-to-date on all the new threats so your home network is always protected.

If you’re at CES this week, check out Bitdefender at Sands A-C, Booth 40550, or keep an eye on Twitter or Facebook to see all the stuff they’re announcing!


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