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Let Doctor Popular Glitch Your Wardrobe (Again)

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houndstoof doc

Last year GeekDad was pleased to point you toward a unique apparel crowdfunding opportunity by longtime friend of the blog Doctor Popular. The items in question, Doc’s Glitch Socks, went on to generate enough interest to become a part of the Betabrand collection, and now Doc Pop and Betabrand are at it again.

Check out his new “Houndstoof” pattern shirt and dress, both boasting black and white houndstooth print with custom color glitches. If you’re interested in either product, simply choose your size and click “fund it.” The more interest each garment generates, the lower the price for you, its initial funders.

You could even put that extra money to good use–say, purchasing a pair of dress pant sweatpants. You know you want ’em!


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