Drawing Dinos!

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Pastoritrexlarge_2Pastoritrexlarge_2 One of the coolest things about dinosaurs has always been trying to imagine what they looked like. My son’s fascination (obsession really) with these beasts has rekindled that excitement for me again, and a lot has certainly changed in [mumblemumble] years. The simply titled website Dinosaur Illustrations shows us that a great many artistically minded souls have similar fascinations.

The site may be inelegant and very web 0.5, with lists of stand-alone links to individual dinosaurs, but unlike other index-type sites, those links take you to an endless collection of illustrations by a multitude of professional artists: some well known such as Luis Rey, whose books grace our shelves, and others such as Gabriel Lio who have their own unique vision of these ancient monsters, or still others with a more classical painter’s approach.

After exhausting the shelves in two local libraries of their dinosaur books (at least twice!), this site was a godsend. The illustration links will take you to the artists’ personal websites where there is a host of information for further learning. My kids loved learning that, when you grow up, you could dig for dinosaur bones, and draw them too!

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