Kickstarter Loot Review Carolina Game Tables

UPDATE! Kickstarter Loot Received: Carolina Game Tables

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Last night, two strangers left a gleaming wooden table in my basement.

Table Side View
Side view of the table with the cover on. Photo by Gerry L Tolbert

Back in August 2015 I wrote about the Carolina Game Tables Kickstarter. I placed an early bird pledge at that time, and yesterday the spoils of war arrived.

I am truly amazed at a six month turnaround on any Kickstarter, especially one involving master craftsmanship of this level. While simple, the table is sturdy, well-joined and beautiful. we chose the cherry finish with dark blue felt, making for a rich, dark combination. The 3-inch deep play area accommodates most games well, and you can replace the solid top while the game is still deployed.

Side and front views of uncovered table
Front and side views of the table with the cover off and play surface exposed. Photo by Gerry L Tolbert

Since my last post, Carolina Game Tables also announced three new designs – the Kitchen Table, Coffee Game Table and Tablezilla! – to meet all your gaming needs. These new designs actually addressed one of my only complaints about the original Kickstarter. Unlike the Dining Room Table, which has a 33″ wide inset area, the Kitchen table design is 38″ x 38″, making it ideal for games like Star Wars: Armada.

Dice City from AEG set up on the table. Photo by Gerry L Tolbert.
Dice City from AEG set up on the table. Photo by Gerry L Tolbert.

Overall, the table exceeds my expectations, and I’d happily order from Carolina Game Tables again. If you’re in the market for a game table, you should definitely check them out, and follow them on Twitter @game_tables.

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