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While at Gen Con, I got a first look at the new gaming table from Carolina Game Tables, and what they had on display really impressed me. Their Kickstarter went live this week, but they had a prototype on hand for anyone stopping by the Pinnacle Entertainment Group booth.

Carolina Game Tables Logo. Used with Permission.
Carolina Game Tables Logo. Used with Permission.

While new to the gaming table scene, the company founders have tons of experience in both gaming and furniture. Clint and Jodi Black, Savage Worlds Core Rules Brand Manager and Pinnacle Entertainment Group COO and Managing Editor respectively, founded the gaming table company this year in the hopes of creating affordable gaming furniture for gamers. Clint not only has significant gaming cred, but his family has been making furniture in Hickory, North Carolina for three generations. Both of those things shine through in the design of the tables.

Photo By Josh Demaree
Photo By Josh Demaree

The tables are four feet by six feet with a 32″ by 50″ play area that’s 3 inches deep. A felt-lined solid top slots into the top of the play area with plenty of clearance, so your games aren’t disturbed by pesky things like dinner. The table has a nice finish that should match most decor, and the materials are solid. Not having played games on the demo table, I can only speak to the structure and the beauty, but the play surface is felted and has plenty of room for maps, dice, puzzles, minis, and just about anything else you might need for gaming. My only complaint would be the 32″ internal distance hinders games like Armada, since it requires a 36″ by 36″ playing field. They did, however, include extra space on the upper ledges at both ends, for game master screens and the like.

The chairs are super comfortable for those broader of stature like myself, and they’re solid, like the table. A subtle curve at the back gives significant lumbar support, and the design of the seat creates a softer experience than you’d imagine. They’ve also created a side table/bench design for extra seating or space for game components. Awesomely, a bench and chair ordered together will fit in one shipping box, which is a huge savings on shipping.

On Kickstarter Now! Photo Used with Permission.
On Kickstarter Now! Photo Used with

While the initial Kickstarter Early Bird specials were limited to ten, the high demand for these tables inspired Clint and Jodi to begin offering a new round of Early Bird tables this week with more to come if those sell out as quickly. There are also tiers that add chairs and benches, and everything is slated to ship in December 2015. For more details, check out their Kickstarter page here or the website for Carolina Game Tables.

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