Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 027: ‘Donkey Frog’

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CaptainOwen1200-2016Sunday Evening With Captain Owen is a podcast where I sit down every other week with my son, who is three, to discuss whatever he wants. The goal of the podcast is to chronicle his geek growth through the years. His mom also joins in from time to time and, in the future, his friends will also start joining us. New episodes air every other Sunday.

Today we start off talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens but quickly veer off into discussing the Seattle Seahawks and then Zootopia. Although he said he didn’t like the movie, don’t let him fool you. He and his mom left to go see it again not 15 minutes after we finished recording the episode! I then asked Owen some questions about me (it’s a parent-kid meme I saw) to see how he’d answer.

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