7 Awesome New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Geek Culture Kickstarter


Pins Collective
It’s a pin with a little screen on it. Stick a gif on your chest!

Soundboks: The Loudest Battery-Powered Speaker
Designed to survive Danish music festivals, which are apparently pretty intense.

Bela: an Embedded Platform for Low-Latency Interactive Audio
Lets music hackers build things like this, with hyperfast response time.

sweep | Scanning LiDAR
Similar laser-scanning tech is used in self-driving cars. Now you can put it in your drone.

Tio: connected toys & inventions anyone can create
Mash up motorized blocks, paper, stickers, 3D prints, and legos. Have fun.

“Oi” : The bike bell that doesn’t look like a bike bell.
Australians take bike bells from boring to beautiful. It’s a hit!

The Virtuali-Tee: Wearable tech you learn with
Thanks to augmented reality, your friends will be able to see your heart beating.

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