Weekly Poll: Which Is Your Favorite Pixar Oscar Winner?

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Tonight, Pixar won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature for Inside Out. While it has dominated the category, winning in 8 out of the 15 years the award has been given, it hasn’t since 2013.

So this week, we’d like to know which of the PIxar movies that have won the Academy Award is your favorite.

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Last Week’s Results

Our voters had a clear preference for The Revenant, with 35%. Mad Max and The Martian tied for second with 19% each. Next was The Big Short with 10%, and The Bridge of Spies and Spotlight were right behind with 9% each. Brooklyn either wasn’t liked or, I’m guessing, wasn’t seen by any of our readers, since it got no votes at all.

The Academy, shockingly, went the other way and gave the award to Spotlight.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Poll: Which Is Your Favorite Pixar Oscar Winner?

  1. Unfortunately I have to draw a distinction between Best and Favorite. My favorite of the ones there is The Incredibles. I like superheroes, I love the family aspect, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s light.

    However, I think that Inside Out is a better movie. It’s got serious story to it, it speaks to the viewer on many levels. It has plenty of humor, it has very lovable characters and you can certainly identify with the emotions. So..

    Best, Inside Out.. Favorite Incredibles. (I would even say that a few others rank higher than Inside Out for favorite, and a few rank higher than Incredibles for Best.. it’s odd, I know. )

  2. My favorite is The Incredibles, because it’s the film that all the various attempts at Fantastic Four should have been, but I have to admit to a special fondness for Brave, because of what it did for the sport of archery, my classes, and also because it’s the reason I got to visit Pixar, Skywalker Ranch, Disney Animation, and a bunch of movie premieres over the last 4 years. I love Brave, but Incredibles is a better movie.

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