Weekly Poll: Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film

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The Oscars are in two weeks. We’ll discuss the big award–Best Picture–in next week’s poll, but this week I want to get your opinions on which movie is most likely to win the other Oscar that lots of geeks care about: Best Animated Feature Film.

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Last Week’s Results

Before going over the numbers, I want to say that had I voted last week, I would definitely have said that there was very little chance that¬†Deadpool would live up to its brilliant marketing campaign. And I would have been very wrong, since as it turned out the movie was everything I could have hoped for. (However, if you haven’t seen it yet, please, please, please read our 7 Things Responsible Parents Should Know About ‘Deadpool’ (Only 1 of Them Matters)¬†post before even thinking of going with the kids.)

The results were very clear, though: 72% of you said “Oh, yeah” to the movie living up to the hype. And it’s worth noting that I did close the poll on Thursday, so this was all speculative votes. Well done, readers.

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