Gadget Bits: ZUS – The Smart Car Charger

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Name: ZUS

Function: it’s a USB charger that plugs into the 12V lighter outlet in your car. It features “smart” charging, delivering higher amps to your devices based on their capacity, thus charging them faster than “other” similar products. It has built-in LED lighting to make it easier to see and access. And it has Bluetooth connectivity which, when used in conjunction with an app on your phone (iOS and Android), will geotag your car’s location when you turn off the power, making it easy to remember where you parked later.

Reviewer’s Take: It works as advertised, though I haven’t run it through rigorous charging trials. It’s kind of fun that, every time I turn my car off, my phone nudges me that it’s saved the location, just in case. Could be handy for folks who travel or shop a lot, and have run into that “now where did I park?” quandary┬ámore than once. Packaging cautions that it may be less accurate in parking structures with poor access to satellite signals.

Price: Available for $34 from the manufacturer (not including shipping, discounts for multiples), or $36 from Amazon (again, you can buy multiples at a discount, and use Prime to save on shipping).

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