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Image: Etekcity
Image: Etekcity

I’ve become a bit obsessed with lighting solutions for all occasions, and, as winter sets in, the increased hours of darkness have really prompted some creativity. We installed Wemo and Etekcity’s remote controlled outlets, but I found we were under-prepared for a recent power outage. A house needs a LOT of light, especially when you homeschool and work at home. So what’s a boy to do? Get a combo Lantern Power Bank!

The Lantern Power Bank from Etekcity is a simple but effective solution to many needs. Obviously, it’s primary purpose is to provide lighting. The lantern has 4 light modes: High, Low, Red, and Flashing Red. The cylinder lantern has two handles and provides an even lighting in all modes. The Power bank is built into the base and is powered by two 18650 lithium batteries.

Image: Etekcity
Image: Etekcity

The lantern is really easy to use. It is mostly powered by the rechargeable batteries, but, as a backup option, three AA batteries can be inserted under the cap to power the 15 white LEDs. The High light mode is difficult to look at even on a bright day, which isn’t a surprise with the 180 Lumen rating.

Overall, the Lantern Power Bank is great in an emergency, with a high storage capacity, long lighting options, and is even rechargeable with an automobile’s USB port, if needed. It’s also waterproof, and the shell is sturdy plastic and metal, meaning the unit won’t be bothered by poor weather. My favorite part is that there are many non-emergency uses for this unit:

The Red mode is great for stargazing, because it’s, well, red. Camping out for a sale or movie premier? Both the light and battery pack are invaluable for making it through the line with your phone still charged.

Speaking of camping, the unit is a great multi-tasker that stores down to about 5 inches, making it easy to pack safely. 360-degree lighting and two handles make it easy to hang on a belt, tent pole, backpack, or anything else you might want to mount your lantern on.

At $25.99 on Amazon, with a 4.9-star rating, I have yet to find anything to keep me from buying more. A great tool, indeed. My daughter likes using hers around the house at night because the low light setting doesn’t disturb anyone when the lights are out for the night. Mine will continue to live with the emergency kit, though.

How do you use your lantern?

Disclaimer: A unit was provided for evaluation purposes.

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