The Mr. Beams LED Lantern — Sunglasses Recommended!

I’m a big fan of Mr. Beams. My UltraBright LED motion detection spotlight is still doing its job and lighting up the 20′ area around my home’s back door with an amazingly bright set of LEDs. And the Wireless Power Outage Lighting System has been useful more than once since I installed it, turning on a bright LED in my basement and a matching flashlight/emergency light upstairs when the base unit detects a loss of power. Suffice to say, I think they’ve got a great array of products that all use the energy efficient LEDs for path lighting, stick-anywhere-lighting, and three different spotlights. Recently I got a chance to check out their latest product, the UltraBright LED Lantern. The name says it all — this thing is BRIGHT.

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