Weekly Poll: Who Do You Hate in 'Pooh'

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Photo by Rob Huddleston
Photo by Rob Huddleston

This week’s poll was suggested by fellow GeekDad writer Derrick Schneider. In it, we’ll explore our least-favorite character from the world of Winnie the Pooh. So tell us: who is the biggest jerk in the Hundred Acre Wood and surrounding areas?

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Last Week’s Result: The Best Sci-Fi Movie of 2015

Drumroll please. The winner of our poll for the best science fiction film of 2015 is, to no one’s surprise, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

However, it was close: TFA won with 55 votes and 33% of the vote, but close behind and tied for second were Ex Machina and The Martian, each with 48 votes and 28%. Bringing up the rear with a still-respectable 18 votes was Mad Max: Fury Road.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poll: Who Do You Hate in 'Pooh'

  1. Wording which fosters resentment is hardly in line with the grand ethos I thought GeekDad sought to engender.

    Things asking who you hate, or who annoys you lead people who did not hate anything about a show to start to hate things about it. With a set of shows which children will ask to watch over and over, and which are nice and low energy and friendly shows… that is a bad move.

    There are millions of other things you could have asked in a poll. There are myriad ways you could have rephrased this one. Bad move.

  2. I agree with the first commenter. Who do you hate in Pooh is ridiculous. For being a site that promotes embracing all forms of geek a hate poll is inappropriate.

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