'DC Universe Online' Celebrates 'Legends of Tomorrow' and Expands to XBox One


As a former, very dedicated City of Heroes player, I was more than a little interested when DC Universe Online first hit the scene. After all, here was a similar concept to my beloved superhero MMO, but with characters that I already knew. Add in robust character creation, episodic content packs, and more environment-based missions (like city races) and it seemed a no-brainer. I mean, have you watched the trailer? Six years later, it’s still amazing.

But in the end, DCUO couldn’t tear me away from CoH and, after the later went under, I hung up my cape for good.


Fast forward several years and DCUO is still going strong, having released 20 Episodes of content that focus on new iconic heroes (like Flash and Green Lantern), move the story forward, and introduce popular comic events like Blackest Night and DC Bombshells. Now, as Daybreak Games celebrates their fifth anniversary, they’re celebrating the release of the latest DC show with Episode 21, inspired by Legends of Tomorrow.

Episode 21, coming this February, will feature a new eight-player Operation – “Prison Break” – and two-player Operation – “The First Piece” – inspired by the new Warner Bros. television series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, premiering Jan. 21 on The CW. Additionally, this content will introduce The Atom to DCUO, as well as bring back popular characters like Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Captain Cold and Heat Wave to the game.

In addition to all the new content, Daybreak has announced that cross-play functionality will finally be added to the game for PC and PS4 players. Even better, XBox One players will finally be able to experience DCUO this spring when the game launches on the popular console. No word on if the cross-console functionality will be available here as well, but hopefully it will.


The fifth anniversary brings all kinds of new content to the game too, with new powersets, storylines, and Harley Quinn!

In 2015, DCUO updated Supergirl’s look to coincide with the CBS television show, launched DC Comics Bombshells content in conjunction with the comic book, celebrated The Flash’s 75th anniversary, released two new power sets – Munitions and Atomic, concluded The League of Assassins and Trigon storylines, and much more. In addition to PC-PS4™ cross-play and DCUO’s launch on the Xbox One, this year players can look forward to Water powers as well as storylines featuring Superman, Halls of Power, Harley Quinn and characters from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

It all adds up to an MMO that fills the City of Heroes-sized hole that I’ve had in my gaming retinue for the past four years. I’ve got my heroes and villains ready. The GeekDads and I are going to be taking on the game in the coming months. Keep an eye out for reports from the GeekDad League (as soon as we figure out how to make one)!

I’m not saying we’re going to use our combined geekery to take down Trigon within moments of entering the game, but I don’t see why we can’t try.
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7 thoughts on “'DC Universe Online' Celebrates 'Legends of Tomorrow' and Expands to XBox One

  1. Absolutely CAN NOT WAIT! for this to come to Xbox I played it in ps4 & loved every second but all my friends were in Xbox so I moved now my personal gaming life is gonna be complete! Just wish theyed give an exact date as Spring in England might not start till July lol!

  2. Been playing dcuo for 5 years and now I have an Xbox one. Guess who’s gonna be destroying villains on dcuo lmao. Add me if you want a vet – Flameaxce

  3. It is slated for Q2/2016 when runs from April 1st until the last day of June….likely expect an updated of the exact release come mid-April with a release date of May….I doubt they will be doing a BETA given that its not a new game and they only transferring data onto a new console type…otherwise you’d have heard of a BETA…..if they do a BETA it will likely be end of April/beginning of May with an end of May/beginning of June release……dont see a BETA happening….we all know the game and the developers know what theyre doing.

    Expect a beginning of May release date.

  4. Bro add me on XB1 VindictiveNegro & when DC is out we can game together I loved DC I was max level

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