Wi-Fi Picture Frames and LeapPad Tablets Are Today’s Amazon Daily Deals



Here are a couple more great daily deals from Amazon that’ll help you round-out your holiday gifts!

Digital picture frames are a cool idea. Set one up in the grandparent’s house, and then every time you drop a new photo of their precious grandchild into your cloud photo account, it uploads directly to them. Heck, they may just sit, watching the frame every day, just to catch a new picture, since you never call anymore… Ahem. Today you can save up to $90 on these cool pieces of home tech!

We’ve had a high opinion of LeapFrog’s products around here for a long time, and they were the first folks to get into the kid-specific tablet category. So if you’re considering a personal tech device for the little tyke in your family this holiday season, maybe choose one from the company that’s been there, done that. And today you can save 50% on select LeapPad tablets for kids! Heck, they’re cheaper than Kindle Fire HDs, and you don’t have to use Parental Controls to keep them from watching Bad Santa!

If you’d like to help GeekDad out this holiday season, use this link for any shopping you do on Amazon.com. When you do, we’ll receive a small affiliate bonus that’ll really help fill our stockings, too!

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