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Subscription Boxes

How many times have you heard someone say about a blender or a set of jumper cables, “It’s the gift that keeps on giving”? I get the sentiment; it’s a gift that the receiver can use more than once. However, I have yet to meet anyone who pulled a blender out of the cabinet with the same delight as when they pulled it out from under the tree on Christmas morning.

If you want a true gift that keeps on giving all year long, and, no, I’m not talking about the Jelly of the Month club, Cousin Eddie, I recommend a subscription box. These days you can get a monthly subscription to just about anything: razors, socks, meat, lotion. Unless your recipient owns a pit and a bucket on a rope, though, they’re not likely to enjoy that last one as much as they would being surprised every month with a new geeky t-shirt, fun game, the latest Funko Pop vinyl figurine, or some retro candy or stickers.

For the geek in your life we’ve compiled a list of our favorite subscription boxes. Whether monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, your friends and family can receive a gift from you that says, “I know you’re a huge geek, and I love you for it. Here, have a Garbage Pail Kid card.”


  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $13.90/mo. (annual subscription) – $17.90/mo. (monthly subscription) + $6 S&H
  • Update: $4 off for GeekDad readers using the link below!
  • Hook: Custom t-shirt and Steam game code every month

GeekFuel will send a new box every month with an assortment of gifts that are sure to please any comic book reading, d20 rolling, video gaming geek on your list.

GeekFuel August Box

Marvel Collector Corps

  • Frequency: Bi-monthly
  • Price: $25.00 + $6.95 S&H
  • Hook: Marvel and Funko exclusives

Marvel Collector Corps is more than worth the money if you’re a fan of the property they’re featuring and you’re looking for something beyond the standard logo shirt and action figure to show your fandom. If you’re on the fence, try out a single month to start – you won’t regret it.

Collector Corps


  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $19.99 + $9.95 S&H
  • Hook: Themed boxes

Nerdblock is your basic geeky subscription box, but you get to choose the theme that best fits the recipient. There are seven themes: Classic, Arcade, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comic, Boys Jr., and Girls Jr.



  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $13.95 + $6.00 S&H
  • Hook: Monthly MEGA CRATE Giveaway and “Level Up” add-on for wearables

With a different theme each month and offerings ranging from clothing to collectibles, Loot Crate is designed with geeks in mind. They offer a page for gift subscriptions, and additional wearable items through their “Level Up” program. Every month, one lucky subscriber wins the MEGA CRATE giveaway, valued at over $2,000.


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