Weekly Poll: Did ‘The Force Awakens’ Live Up to the Hype?

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In the weeks and even months leading up to its release, a lot of people began to wonder whether or not The Force Awakens could possibly live up to the hype the Disney machine generated. The numbers so far reveal that the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, with the movie breaking box office records left and right.

But we’re curious as to what you all thought, so this week, let us know: did the movie live up to your expectations or not?

Feel free to expand on your answer in the comments, but please keep them spoiler-free!

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Last Week’s Poll

R2 was the runaway favorite robot this week, garnering 56% of the vote. In other not-surprising news, Dr. Who’s K-9 came in second, albeit a very distant second, with 14%. Robbie the Robot was third at 11% while 3P0 brought in 9%. It warmed my heart to see V.I.N.CENT, my own personal favorite (and hence his appearance on the list) manage to pull in a respectable 6% of the vote, while Gort brought up the rear with 5%.

Robots the comments reminded me I’m a horrible person for forgetting included the T-1000, Optimus Prime, Data, Johnny 5, Wall-E, Grimlock, the nameless robot from Lost in Space, Twiki, and Marvin.

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Poll: Did ‘The Force Awakens’ Live Up to the Hype?

  1. I agree with Will, living up to the hype that is that big is very hard. To paraphrase “We can’t repel Hype of that magnitude!” I liked it but with out getting into the plot I can’t really say what my misgivings are. I understand the need to tie to what has come before but I felt it was to tied, I would have liked to see a little more newness. I think my final opinion on TFA is likely going to be tied to that happens in Ep VIII.

  2. IMO the movie did live up to my expectations. I wasn’t expecting it to live up to almost 40 years of hype and nostalgia but I did want it to show that the franchise is in better hands with Disney than Lucas, and that’s pretty clear so far.

  3. No; it did not.

    However, if I had seen it on opening night before all my friends started gushing about it; my expectations may have been lower.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it; but left with a slight feeling of “This isn’t my Star Wars”.

  4. Exceeded my expectations. Despite early reviews, I did not expect it to feel so much like the original trilogy… there were points were I felt if CGI characters had been replaced by puppets, it would have felt like it was made right after Jedi. Couldn’t be more excited about the future of the franchise now.

  5. I wanted to be wowed, mindblown. I was merely entertained.

    the movie was good but fluffy, overblown but worth the wait.

    I have great hopes for the Rey character – one of the best things to happen in the series ever.

  6. Definitely lived up to the hype. I saw it twice and plan on seeing it on IMAX this week. I was very happy with the new characters especially Rey.

  7. In short, it is everything a Star Wars movie should. Not only did it live up to the hype, it surpassed it. TFA is now my favorite.

  8. My first thought was that it had too much humor for a Star Wars movie. Then I went back and watched Episode 4 again (De-specialized edition), and… Yeah, I think I like Force Awakens more. It was a great passing of the torch, and I was trying to not get too excited, like I did for Episode 1.

  9. It exceeded even my highest hopes. Was it perfect? No. But it was much better than any of the original trilogy films. I am in the minority who preferred A New Hope over Empire Strikes Back (I believe everyone would agree that Return of the Jedi was the weakest). And The Force Awakens is A New Hope done right! Why settle for a whiny young moisture farmer living in a desert planet when you can have a kick-ass scavenger living in a different desert planet?

    We can nitpick the movie to death but that would be missing the forest for the trees. For pure enjoyment it is topnotch. Star Wars is, at its core, a popcorn blockbuster with space ships, telekenesis, and weird flashlight thingamabobs. The prequels made it into a galactic political drama with an annoying alien character and a sciencey explanation for the Force, and it suffered for it. And that is why I am of the opinion that The Force Awakens is indeed the best Star Wars movie right now. I look forward to episode 8.

    I will be watching it again this weekend in IMAX 3D!

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