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Steve Gerling

Imagine being at a social gathering and someone asks you, “So, what do you do for a living?” How cool would it be to answer, in all honesty, “I’m a Lego Master Builder.”

That’s what Steve Gerling gets to say. And, according to him, the looks of shock and awe he gets when he answers, never gets old. He, along with 11 other Master Builders, works out of the company’s U.S. headquarters, in Enfield, Connecticut (find a great tour of the facility here). While the designs for retail Lego sets are planned by Master Builders in the world headquarters in Denmark, the guys in the Connecticut office spend their time creating special displays that end up in stores, parks, and special events around the world.

I lucked into meeting Steve, in the Lego booth at the Toy Fair in February. He’s a tall guy, whose gray beard and serious facial expression almost led me to believe he was a top executive, keeping an eye on his subjects. A Lego representative surprised me by telling me he was one of the sacred few builders, and as soon as I asked him that one magical question, “What’s it like to build for Lego?”, his infectious personality bubbled out.

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