Same Geek Channel: ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Mid-Season Top Ten

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Given that this was the winter finale and we won’t find out what happens next for a couple of months after we’ve enjoyed Agent Carter punching out most of Los Angeles, it’s a good time to appraise the wonderful show this once-stuttering series has become.


The following is my list of “Damn, show!” moments:

The end of the mid-winter finale, with Not-Ward on the road to, well, everywhere. I ran it by my husband, a big fan of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, and he agreed the not-Ward and the whole scene had a Mysteron-vibe. Does this mean Coulson is Captain Scarlet? Coulson has been killed and had his hand chopped off, but he hasn’t yet been killed in the many ways Scarlet has, so, for Coulson’s sake, I hope not.

1. The entire episode featuring Simmons marooned on the alien planet, “4,722,” a showcase for Elizabeth Henstridge, and the show’s best episode to date.

2. Coulson and Rosalind’s banter and sexual tension. I will so miss that banter. I still feel more could have been done with her character. But what’s done is done.

3. Agent May’s face as she realized that Andrew was Lash.

4. Fitz’s single-minded devotion to Simmons, resulting in her rescue. He never once wavered and she’s alive because of it.

Adorable, until Simmons said she needed to go back. (Image via Marvel Entertainment/ABC)
These two really are cursed. (Image via Marvel Entertainment/ABC)

5. Mack taking charge of S.H.I.E.L.D when Coulson went rogue. I love the fact that he’s the strategist rather than being the obvious, the muscle. But I do mourn the possibility of Fitz/Mack that was hinted at last season.

Mack and Daisy. She's the brawn, he's the brains.
Mack and Daisy. She’s the brawn, he’s the brains. Image via ABC Disney.

6. Bobbi letting out her inner Mockingbird.

7. Coulson as a bank robber. Awesome.

My first name is Phil and I rob banks. Image via ABC/Disney Entertainment
My first name is Phil and I rob banks. Image via ABC/Disney Entertainment

8. The Bobbi and Melinda team-up. Forget Bobbi and Hunter. This is the show we need.

9. Melinda May and her father, snarking at each other, with him giving her the advice she needed to get back to the work she obviously loves.

10. Daisy holding open the portal to bring back both Fitz and Simmons. She’s come a long way since season 1.

What haven’t I mentioned?

Coulson killing Ward in the latest episode. That was satisfying, but it seemed far too drawn out. Coulson is a spy; he’s probably done this before and Ward needed to be dead. That was the only part of the episode that felt off. The rest of it, with the juggling of agents in three separate areas–the planet, the Castle, and in the air–had near perfect-pacing with moments for everyone. I bet Simmons is going to regret letting Andrew loose if she ever gets over losing Will.

Meanwhile, the evil that now occupies Not-Ward is on our Earth. Careful, S.H.I.E.L.D, as I suspect this half of the season was only a prelude to something much worse.

For the first season, the show struggled with what it should be: police procedural, spy show, or superhero show. Season two was split between superhero show/spy show. But season three has come firmly down on the spy side. Yes, now Coulson has a squad of Secret Avengers, but that’s in keeping with spies with extra abilities, rather than superhumans, and it fits perfectly into the slot that S.H.I.E.L.D occupies in the comics. Lincoln, Daisy and her team fit nicely into the spy mode, especially given that Hydra is their traditional enemy.

Meanwhile, bring on Agent Carter!

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1 thought on “Same Geek Channel: ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Mid-Season Top Ten

  1. I’m pissed they didn’t figure out a way to get Patton Oswalt back for the last(ish) episode. I SOOOO wanted Koenig to be the one to kill Ward. I had the whole thing worked out….

    Final episode of the season, Ward has squeaked out of another tight one and is looking smug as he walks into a seedy bar. The bartender has his back to the camera and asks Ward what he’d like. Ward says something along the lines “It’s a good day my man and I’d like to celebrate. Drinks for everyone!” At which point Ward turns around to salute the dregs that fill the bar only to realize they are all Koenig. There are like thirty of them in the bar and they are all staring at him. Ward spins around just in time for the barkeep to crack him right in the temple with a baseball bat. Bar tender Koenig then says “Yes, it is a day to celebrate.” The camera pulls back as all the Koenigs stand up at once and start moving in. That would have made me a happy fanboy.

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