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MeUndies-FeaturedLike most folks, I wear my underwear more than any other clothing, and, since it’s the closest to my most sensitive skin, making sure they are comfortable is critical. MeUndies promises to be the “world’s most comfortable undies,” so I had to give them a try.

MeUndies-BoxMeUndies sent me their starter box (which no longer seems to be available) to review which includes three pairs of boxer briefs, three pairs of their footie socks, two crew shirts, and a baseball cap.


MeUndies underwear are made from a blend of MicroModal and Elasthane which is extruded from Austrian Beechwood tree fiber. This makes them naturally odor resistant, extremely soft, and a little stretchy to hug your body and move with you. Basically, they are very soft and very comfortable–and yes, more so than any other underwear I’ve ever tried. I have a little over a week’s supply of underwear so I never run out before the weekly laundry is done. However, since receiving my MeUndies, I’ve been doing laundry more frequently just to get these back in to my rotation sooner. I even put them to the true geek test–I wore them to a convention. They passed the test with flying colors–I was comfy all day long despite tons of walking and sitting.


MeUndies crew t-shirts aren’t quite as revolutionary as their underwear. They are “just” cotton, but it’s combed cotton and the shirts are handmade and pre-shrunk. For an undershirt, they are definitely softer and more comfy than what I normally wear, but I’m in the habit of buying undershirts on sale and in bulk so I’m not sure if the small improvement in comfort is worth it on the shirts for me. If you frequently wear plain crew shirts as regular wear, or maybe aren’t as hairy as some of us, the extra softness might be worth it to you.


The MeUndies footie socks also aren’t anything revolutionary. They are a cotton, nylon, spandex blend, but they are very comfortable. They are pretty cushiony and I do like the way they feel snug around my feet. Unfortunately, living in Seattle, I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear socks this short. I will definitely be breaking them out during the summer, though, as they are my most comfortable warm weather socks. And for only $5 a pair, they are a really good value for what you get.

In addition to the handful of items I tried out, MeUndies does offer a full line of both men’s and women’s apparel and underwear including more styles of shirts, underwear, hoodies, shorts, and pants. The even sell their underwear in packs of 10 or even 365–yes one pair for every day of the year–if you want to save on the regular price by buying in bulk.

MeUndies also has a subscription program that gets you a new pair of underwear every month at a 33% discount. You pick the size and cut, and they will send you the design of the month each month. You can skip months whenever you want and you can cancel at any time.

My final verdict is that MeUndies underwear are absolutely worth it, and I will definitely be getting more when I am again in need.

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5 thoughts on “Take a Look at MeUndies

  1. MeUndies are super comfortable and I love them. I subscribe and look forward to a new design every month! You can try them out and return them if you don’t like them. Get an additional 20% off when you order here: http://getcomfy.in/emq20

  2. They are very comfortable, but the lack of a fly is a real problem. I would give them 5-stars with a fly, but 3 without.

  3. Curious how you feel about them a year later. Other reviews I’ve read have been very positive when they’re new out of the box, but say that they don’t hold up well at all.

    1. I still have all of mine from a year ago, and they’ve held up better than my Hanes (my go to before trying MeUndies). So much so that I actually just a couple of weeks ago ordered three more pair to replace my Hanes that are worn out. My wife on the other hand was not as happy with the fit of the women’s version.

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