Science Is For Girls: ‘Miles From Tomorrowland’ Spotlights Coding and Scientific Curiosity

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It’s no secret that we here at GeekDad are huge proponents of STEM education, scientific curiosity, and encouraging kids (especially girls) to pursue scientific career paths. It therefore should come as no surprise that we’re also big fans of the Disney show Miles From Tomorrowland. I’ve written about it a few times before.

The show writers take great pains to ensure scientific accuracy on each episode, often consulting with NASA specialists to make sure they get it all right. This week’s episode is no different. The creative team worked closely with Google engineers to present a story that accurately portrays┬áMiles’s sister Loretta and her incredible coding abilities.

Positive portrayals of scientifically minded girls who use their brains to save the day are something we can definitely get behind. Here, then, is a brief “making-of” featurette about the inspiration behind the character and how she (and the show) can inspire other young girls’ interest in coding and computer science.

“The Discovery Expedition” debuts this Friday, December 4, at 10:30 am on the Disney Channel. The back-up episode, “Snow Globe,” features Wil Wheaton and Adrian Grenier in their recurring roles.

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