Ride-On Toys, Marvel Phase 1 Movies, and Marvel Clothes Are the Deals Today!

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Everyone in the family can have a Marvel-ous time with these deals today! (sorry/not-sorry).

First up is a collection of ride-on toys to give all the girls and boys the fun of getting around, either under their own power or with a battery boost. Check out the cool rides here!

Second is the special edition collection of all the Phase 1 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (meaning Iron Man through Marvels: The Avengers), with a whole bunch of extra goodies, all packed in a special SHIELD briefcase along with The Tesseract! This awesome set for the super-fan in your life, is just $99 today.

Lastly, a wide selection of Marvel-inspired clothes are on sale today, from the Wolverine jacket above to Spider-Man onesies and more. There’s clothes and heroes for the whole family. Check out the deals here (scroll down from the movie box)!

If you’d like to help GeekDad out this holiday season, use this link for any shopping you do on Amazon.com. When you do, we’ll receive a small affiliate bonus that’ll really help fill our stockings, too!

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