Scottevest’s Sterling Jacket for Women (and Men)

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Scottevest's Sterling Jacket for Women. Image: Scottevest
Scottevest’s Sterling Jacket for Women. Image: Scottevest

Geeks carry stuff. We carry enough stuff to usually require a bag to hold it all. But unless you’re carrying a laptop, oftentimes you can get by with a quality jacket that is well-outfitted with pockets. For that, Scottevest more than delivers.

Great for every day but even better for traveling, Scottevest products are perfect for the needs of those who like to carry gadgets, books, devices, and more with them. Selling many products for men and women, Scottevest’s products can hold all the things.

I recently got to try out a Sterling Jacket for Women (they also have a Sterling Jacket for Men). It’s a lightweight jacket designed for cool weather rather than cold weather, but it is perfect for my northern Arizona autumn temps. It’s Teflon-treated, which helps with water and stains, and it’s machine washable. With zip off arms, it also works as a vest. In addition, it has 23 pockets, which is quite enough for most people’s needs.

Image: Scottevest
Image: Scottevest

The Pockets

To list most of them, the Sterling Jacket has:

  • two earbud pockets (as well as the patented Personal Area Network to hold your earbud cords)
  • two pen pockets
  • two cellphone/MP3 player pockets
  • an eyeglass pocket with build in chamois
  • digital camera pocket with built in memory pocket
  • zippered hand pockets, one with a key holder and water bottle loop
  • travel document pocket
  • clear touch fabric pockets (for operating your devices through the pocket)
  • tablet pocket (check the Scottevest website to see if your tablet will fit)
  • Blistex pocket (or whatever your favorite lip stuff is)
  • two roomy pockets in the lower back
  • one small, well-hidden pocket on each sleeve
  • RFID-blocking pocket

Things I Love

The pockets. Of course. There is something for everyone. My favorites are the hand pockets and the lower inside pockets which are great for iPad Minis or small books or maps. I also love that this jacket has an RFID blocking pocket, built right in.

Its usefulness for travel. I am always sure to take a Scottevest product with me on trips, to carry things that I need on me instead of in my bag. The Sterling Jacket is a very good option, being versatile but not-at-all bulky with its pockets and zip-off sleeves.

The color and the feel. The jacket comes in six different colors for women and five different colors for men, it’s smooth without being cold, and it’s very flexible.

Things I Don’t Love

Losing things in my pockets. Sometimes it takes me a while to find the objects I’ve hidden in my pockets since I forget which ones I used. My experience with Scottevest jackets is that I tend to just use a few of the pockets regularly, and the rest more rarely. But since every person has different pocket needs, it’s easy to choose your favorite pockets and just use them. Plus, if you loaded them all up fully, you’d need a jacket several sizes bigger just to be able to zip it up!

The cuffs. Though the double-layer lower sleeves will keep your arms warmer, the snug wrist area inside of the more open outer layer isn’t my favorite jacket feature. At least there isn’t a snug waist area, which usually just rides up and leads to a cold back.

Some aspects of the fit. Most of the jacket fits great, but if the lady who is shopping for this jacket has a large bust region, order a size larger than you think you’ll need. For the men, the fit is likely to be better.

All in all, though, I really like this jacket. The Sterling Jacket for Women (and for Men) retails for $150, but both the men’s version and women’s version are currently on a big sale at ThinkGeek, along with other Scottevest products.

If this particular jacket doesn’t fit your needs, check out Scottevest’s other offerings. They carry many styles and weights of coats and jackets, plus vests, hoodies, pants, shirts, boxers, hats, RFID pouches, and more.

Note: I received a jacket for review purposes.

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