Bunchems: Worst Holiday Present Ever?

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We’ve been running with our Holiday Gift Guides, but this product is probably better fit for the Holiday Nope Guide. Even before I read the reviews I realized this was a terrible product. The Bunchems resemble the seedpods of the common burdock and cocklebur. If you’re unfamiliar with these, consider yourself fortunate as they can be described as evil angry Velcro balls. They latch onto clothing, socks, hair, fur, and nothing short of slow and patient picking at them can remove them.

I can’t count the number of hours I’ve spent picking those little balls of evil out of my socks, shoe laces, stocking hats, hair, and worst of all, my dog’s hair. I really feel for the parents that posted pictures with the one star reviews. Those photos show exactly what the burdocks and cockleburs look like. One of the reviews suggested using WD-40, but I’d advise against that because it’s extremely flammable. Vegetable oil, though still flammable, has a much higher flash point and should be somewhat safer and work as well. The hair conditioner suggestion seems the safest, and probably the one I’d try first.

If you find your geeklets asking for Bunchems, just politely say no, and link them to the Amazon reviews.

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