4x Video and 6x Tabletop: 10 New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Featured Tabletop Games Videogames

ec8c682c8d5f9971fb2f6905d0f7d42d_originalFunk Unplugged
A guitar amp comes out of retirement to battle terrible music.

Real Life First Person Shooter – Level 3
This unlikely Chatroulette phenomenon wants to get more interactive.

Not Your Space : Customizable Sci-Fi Real Time Strategy
The emptiness of space? This looks more like Midtown traffic.

A simple game with serious things to say about game design and economics.


The Banner Saga Warbands
Launching Thursday! A much-loved Kickstarter-funded game in tabletop form.

Shinobigami – Modern Ninja Battle Tabletop RPG from Japan
There’s room for love, cold war, and shuriken in this import.

Leonardo | The Game of Art and Death | Plague Edition
Beautiful art and miniatures in this tribute to the original Renaissance man.

The Great Dinosaur Rush Board Game
Beat your fellow paleontologists to the best bones.

Why the long face? game
Brings taxidermy to life, for better or worse.

Braille RPG Dice from 64 Oz. Games

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