Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Ninjitsu! the Ninja Card Game’

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Image: Jellybean Games

Ninjitsu! – the Ninja Card Game is a fast-action sequel-expansion to the 2016 hit Scuttle!┬áIn Ninjitsu!, ninjas set traps for their enemies while trying to amass enough treasure to take the match. To win, though, players must prevent other ninjas from amassing the requisite 21 gold pieces first!

Photo: Rory Bristol

As genius as its forefather, Ninjitsu! is composed of cards which are simultaneously simple, devious, and rich in strategy. Players can opt to blitz for the finish line, but risk losing it all in a flash if their opponents steal their treasures away. On the other hand, players can choose to only play hidden treasure, which is usually trapped. If that player’s score gets too high, other ninjas will try to steal it. Sometimes, this is bad for the player, other times, it’s bad for the aggressor. Traps must be chosen carefully!

The best part about Ninjitsu! is that it is totally compatible with Scuttle! The balance and interplay with the various mechanics make for a more diverse and strategic game.

With either game alone, games will usually last about 5 minutes. With the games combined, the play time can increase dramatically. Most games will last no longer than 10 minutes, but at really competitive tables, the games can last 15 minutes or longer.

Hidden cards are sometimes worth more! With 2 hidden cards, this play of 20 points is actually worth 24, making the player the winner! Photo: Rory Bristol

Ninjitsu! is a great game for anyone of any age, so long as they can count to 21 and read the effects of the cards. It is the size of a standard deck of cards, which means it fits easily into a pocket or purse.

Ninjitsu! is a great game on the go, so long as there is room to lay down a few cards during play. Because games are quick, it’s easy to squeeze in games between appointments, which is a real boon to the sanity of most parents.

Ninjitsu! is live on Kickstarter, and it funded in a scant 2 hours. At $50,000, it has smashed its way through 9 stretch goals. The fine folks at Jellybean Games always use quality pieces, but thanks to the stretch goals, the pieces are at a whole new level, including linen-finished cards, which are my favorite to play with.

The base game costs a paltry $9, but it includes only the base game, not the unlocked expansions. A $19 backing will get all stretch goals and the expansions, and a $39 backing will get you Ninjitsu!, all expansions, Scuttle!, and all of the Scuttle! expansions.

You can continue to back until August 25th, so head over to the Kickstarter page to check things out.

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