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Get ‘Yo-Kai Watch,’ Nintendo 2DS for $100

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yo kai 2ds

Nintendo is betting big on Yo-Kai Watch. This RPG series, developed by those masters of animation and narrative at Level-5, is a veritable sensation in Japan, with some even calling it the new Pokémon. Still, the property relies heavily on some distinct cultural touchstones–things like capsule machines and the titular spirits of Japanese folklore. Localizing a single epic role-playing game can be an expensive (and lengthy) proposition– not to mention the title’s various sequels and spinoffs–but, if American gamers find Yo-Kai Watch as appealing as the Japanese, Nintendo scores another powerful first-party hit for the domestic market.

To that end, an English dub of the animated series has already premiered on Disney XD, and a new announcement from Nintendo of America affirms the company’s wish to get this cutesy supernatural collector into the hands of as many potential fans as possible. Starting November 6, people can buy Nintendo’s budget handheld, the 2DS, with a pre-loaded copy of Yo-Kai Watch for a mere $99.99!

Check out Nintendo’s Yo-Kai Watch site for more details about the game itself, it’s elaborate backstory, and the free demo that should be available later this week–October 22.

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