Potty Humor on the Game Table – ‘Who Tooted?’

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Who TootedIf you are a regular reader of GeekDad, then you probably enjoy and good board game. You may even enjoy playing a board game with the kids now and then. I know in my house, it is tough to find games that everyone enjoys. Boys and girls; younger and older; moms and dads – most “family” games are either too complicated or too childish for everyone.

Uno works for everyone in my house. In fact, we have four different versions of UnoToy Story Uno being the current favorite. Also, I have a copy of Survive from when I was a kid, but I do not know if it is readily available anymore. Nevertheless, now that my daughter has gotten over Candyland, it has been difficult to all play something fun together.
IMG_0231 (2)In my new quest to bring the entire family around the game table, I have come across Who Tooted? Everyone in my home enjoys potty humor – what kid doesn’t? In Who Tooted? everybody gets a wired whoopee cushion shaped controller. The player has to keep the controller hidden, so it does work best at an actual table. Every turn, one of the controllers will light up. When the controller lights up, that player pushes a button on the controller and the game board will “toot” and the other players have to guess who did it. The goal is to keep a straight face, or bluff so the other players will answer incorrectly.

Who Tooted? plays pretty quickly. Every turn, all players have a chance to move by either guessing correctly, or if the player is the tooter, they move by the number of players with incorrect answers. A typical game takes less than 30 minutes, giving ample time to play more than once.

If you are interested in Who Tooted?, find out more information at Goliath Games or pick up a copy here. Also, let me know in the comments if you have any other recommendations for good family games.

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Disclosure: A copy of Who Tooted? was sent to me for review purposes, but the opinion and the enjoyment is genuine.

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