Same Geek Channel: “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” 3.3

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You all know I'm better than you--May. (image via Marvel Entertainment/ABC.)
May: You all know I’m better than you. (image via Marvel Entertainment/ABC.)

This week, our group of intrepid spies take divergent paths.

Coulson is tired of fighting with other government officials to the detriment of focusing on solutions that might save people, while May and Hunter are all about fighting as they kick some ass in their own version of Fight Club. At least, May does. The most Hunter manages to do is survive a beating.

The rest?

Bobbi is still rehabbing from her torture and wishing she could join Hunter and May. I like that the show has addressed the physical injuries from her torture, as too often characters simply shrug them off.

Simmons and Fitz continued to be heart-breakingly sweet with each other, Daisy found out that spies are, well, deceptive, and Mack just wants someone to play video games with, especially since he’s mourning the loss of any chance with Fitz and the death of #fack (the Fitz/Mack ship).

Lincoln received the worst lesson, never to trust anyone, while the strike team hunting the frazzled Inhuman learned nothing, as it never occurred to them to prepare countermeasures against someone who can attack with electricity. Surely there’s some sort of grounding weapon/defensive equipment that could be deployed?

In other words, this season so far promises to be a complicated and fascinating one.

Adorable, until Simmons said she needed to go back. (Image via Marvel Entertainment/ABC)
Adorable, until Simmons said she needed to go back. (Image via Marvel Entertainment/ABC)

For instance, In season one, Coulson and his team opposed Hydra. In season 2, Coulson and his team opposed the fractured remains of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This season, the plot seemed once again to be going down the same road, with Coulson’s team in opposition to the new government-sanctioned agency hunting Inhumans. Coulson flipped the script and decided to work with them, though not trust them.

Whew, because the same plot three times makes in a row makes for a boring show. Instead, I hope the government team evolves into the equivalent of S.W.O.R.D., the Marvel Comics secret agency concentrated on alien threats.

That decision, however, brought Coulson into conflict with Daisy because he gave up Lincoln to the feds protect her. Her reaction reminded me of the anti-government season 1 Skye, who seems to have been mostly forgotten, along with her computer skills.

Coulson isn’t “the spy,” like Fury, but he used to deal in deception as a matter of course, and it’s not surprising he goes back to it this episode.

Let's at least win in the video games! (Image via Marvel Entertainment/ABC)
Let’s at least win in the video games! (Image via Marvel Entertainment/ABC)

May and Hunter are leaning on their spy skills as well but I’m not convinced of the intelligence of Hunter’s plan to infiltrate Hydra, given May’s hanging out with him publicly and Ward has to know Hunter was once with Bobbi. Their Fight Club sequence did provide a great sequence in which May took down three men in about 10 seconds, while Hunter struggled to beat just one.

The ending had a killer hook with Simmons insisting she must go back to wherever the obelisk sent her. (We think it’s Hala.)

Where she goes, Fitz will go, and likely the rest of the team.

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