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Augmented Reality Making Everyone the Expert

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Potential uses for the features of augmented reality (AR) are incredibly numerous–we were recently able to see the latest innovation from ScopeAR: a method of bringing the knowledge of experts to the hands of the inexperienced user.

This past June at the Augmented World Expo (AWE 2015) trade show, ScopeAR demonstrated their ScopeAssist system, which used 3D augmented reality animations to provide non-technical users with easily followed instructions that appear over their real-world counterparts.

More recently, ScopeAR launched RemoteAR–a system similar to ScopeAssist, but with a live expert providing instruction via telepresence rather than pre-recorded solutions. We were able to experience the RemoteAR system during a demonstration of Epson’s Moverio glasses, using screen sharing and augmented reality tools that “lock” onto real word objects, as the expert used tools to draw, highlight, annotate, and even load 3D content onto the augmented reality image. RemoteAR will allow the expert to communicate and solve issues without having to be available on-site, potentially incurring downtime and travel costs.

In mid-September, RemoteAR was featured in a keynote at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference as Stephanie Buscemi, SVP Product Marketing, Analytics, shared a possibility of how Cisco might use Salesforce services and augmented reality to handle a service call.

Examples like these provided by ScopeAR are signs that augmented reality is getting ready for mass market. It is only a matter of time before AR is being seen as an indispensable tool and then a short transition to public adoption.

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