ZippySack zippable bedding

ZippySack Is a Cute and Comfy Exercise in Responsibility for Kids

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ZippySack zippable bedding

My two young daughters have been sharing a room for the past five years. A few months ago, my oldest daughter (10) decorated and furnished her new bedroom with help from my wife and me, and prepared to move out from the bunk-bed she had shared for so long. My youngest daughter (6) was understandably sad that her sister would be moving out, but also slightly jealous of her sister’s new digs. I was searching for a way to allow my six year old to feel special too and maybe spruce up her own room as well when I was introduced to ZippySack.

ZippySack, a new line of kid-friendly zippered fleece blankets, was developed with childrens’ responsibility in mind. Not only would my daughter now have an adorable pink kitty fleece blanket to breathe some life into a bedroom of her own, she would also have a handy tool to help her to learn to make her own bed. ZippySack comes with an easy-to-use zipper to easily allow my daughter to “make” her bed with the simple act of zipping up her ZippySack. Doing so allows for the cute kitten face to be a prominent fixture on her bed without the struggle of pulling and tugging layers of sheets and bedding. She gets an adorable bed while subtly teaching herself responsibility through easy bed-making.

When I told my daughter about her new ZippySack, she squealed with delight. “This is what I asked you for at Christmas!” For the record, she didn’t ,but I was happy to know that she was familiar with the product and happy with our pickup. “It has a secret pocket, you know,” she mentioned with a casual familiarity that implied I was behind the times. Sure enough, there is a pocket stitched into the blanket so when you secure the ZippySack with the built-in elastic strap her favorite trinkets and treasures can be right next to her even in a deep sleep. The commercial does a better job explaining the ZippySack’s features than I ever could.

Even though I’m not the one enjoying the benefits of the ZippySack, my daughter assures me of its comfort. She has been sleeping above her sheets, but under the ZippySack for the past few weeks and has zero complaints. The fleece is light enough to use as a top covering without being too hot by itself, but could probably be suitable with additional bedding layers during the cold months too. Installing and using the ZippySack is a breeze, but my one complaint would probably be with the zipper placement. Being only on the right side, the placement of her bed against the wall means it is a littler harder to access to zip up than if it were on the opposite side. Also, the head of the kitty cat doesn’t fully overlap the rest of the blanket so portions of her bedding are exposed even when zipped.

My minor critiques are of no consequence to my daughter, however, who feels a sense of accomplishment when she makes her bed. In addition to her “Kitty” design, there are several other design options to choose from including “Puppy,” “Panda,” “Dino,” and “Robot,” plus a few other online options. Seeing as how traditional comforters can cost upwards of $100 or more, the ZippySack’s $29.99 (twin) and $39.99 (full) price point seems rather affordable. Unfortunately, there are no queen-sized versions, so I’ll have to begrudgingly make my own bed the old-fashioned way. ZippySacks can be found at a number of retailers including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, Toys R Us, and  online.

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample unit for review purposes.

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