Wizard World Chicago Cosplay Roundup, Part 2

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As promised, here is the second and final part of the cosplay roundup from Wizard World Chicago. The convention had many fantastic cosplayers, some of whom I got pictures of and some whom I couldn’t, and I want to thank all of them for their effort and enthusiasm.

Ant Man
My favorite part about this outfit was that, instead of going for the movie version, this fan went for classic Hank Pym’s Ant Man, lab coat and all. Way to show your geek stripes!


Assassins! (Hitman and Assassin’s Creed)
Who said that two bloodthirsty assassins couldn’t be friends? After all, who else is going to understand them when they complain about the long hours and terrible commute?


Heroes (and Daenerys)
This team had it all, katanas, ancient martial art magics, and a dragon. I’d say between the dragons and the sheer amount of kick-butt, Iron Fist has finally found his tribe.


Judge Dredd
These guys are looking for Chicago’s trouble, and they’re ready to be judge, jury, and executioner. You can check them out at http://www.reelimagesleatherwear.com

Judge Dredd

Master Roshi
Of course, we all knew that the sheer amount of attractive women in cosplay gear would be like catnip to Master Roshi. He definitely seemed to be enjoying himself.

Ted and Sora
This trio, one of whom I’m having trouble recognizing (feel free to educate me in comments) were one of the stranger mash-ups from this convention. I wouldn’t say it to their faces, however, because that key blade looks dangerous.
Ted and Sora

Tree Spirit
One of the most striking outfits of the weekend, both because of the size (he moved around on stilts) and because of the movements he managed. Feel free to follow him at www.Facebook.com/treespiritcp

Tree Spirit

That’s it for the pictures that came out from this year’s Wizard World Chicago (aside from a few I’m saving for a separate post later). It was a fantastic time with great vendors, a huge assortment of guests, and the best fans around. I hope to see you all next year!

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6 thoughts on “Wizard World Chicago Cosplay Roundup, Part 2

  1. Oh, look at all the people in the background not in costume. Nope, nope. they’re not fans, they’re not in costume. Nope, sorry can’t be a geek unless you cosplay…

  2. I’m trying to figure out if these WW conventions are worth it. Looking at the Nashville version coming up near the end of Sep. Is it all just cosplay and vendors selling junk?

    1. My experience of the convention was that it was a much larger version of what you’d find at a local convention, guests at booths, vendors, and lots and lots of cosplay. There were events and panels, but not as many as you would find at something like a media expo (Youmacon or Midwest Media Expo in Michigan are two examples off the top of my head). It all just depends on what you’re going to a convention to see.

    2. Look you gotta go at least once I can tell you how awesome it is all day long but until you go you won’t know
      Ps these conventions inspired me to make my tree spirit costume listed on here

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