Running Geek: SafSounds Earbuds for Safer Running

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SafSounds-PackageI recently received a set of SafSounds alternative earphone safety tips. You may be asking yourself, what the heck are earphone safety tips? If you wear your earbuds when being able to hear background noise is a good idea, then Safsounds are for you.

I recently reviewed a pair of Bluetooth earbuds from iClever, and I’m still totally in love with them. As I mentioned in that article though, they did such a good job of fitting my ears, that I could hear no ambient noise. That would be perfect if I was using them at work or for listening to music, but I use them for running. I sometimes run on surface streets, and I mostly run on trails in the wee morning hours. Both of these situations are times when being able to listen to my music and hear ambient sound would be great. What I often found myself doing was only wearing one earbud or turning it way down.

SafSounds-CaseTipsNow with SafSounds, I can keep both earbuds in and listen at the volume I want to listen at. SafSounds have created uniquely shaped earbud tips that fit most earbuds (they fit perfectly on mine) and allow you to comfortably listen to your music or podcasts while still being able to hear ambient noise. I’ve been using them everyday for the past week and they’ve already come in handy multiple times–hearing a car I didn’t see, hearing a runner coming up behind me, etc. Plus, it’s just nice to hear the sounds of the trail while also listening to my music.

If you wear earbuds frequently but don’t want to completely block out the world around you, you absolutely need to check out SafSounds. I can’t believe I’ve been running without them all these years.

Note: I received a set of these for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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