Puro earbuds

GeekDad Review: Puro IEM-500 Earbuds

When it comes to listening to music using headphones, on-ear or over-ear cans are my thing. I’m not a fan of earbuds. They never seem to fit quite right and always feel as though they’re on the verge of falling out. I don’t like contact lenses either, so maybe it boils down to just an aversion against poking stuff directly at sensory organs.

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Zipbuds SLIDE

GeekDad Review: Zipbuds SLIDE, Tangle-Free Earbuds

Last year I reviewed an interesting set of earbuds from Zipbuds, a company that promised “tangle free” listening through use of an innovative zipper system. They lived up to the promise. Zipbuds has a new product they sent for me to test, SLIDE earbuds featuring “Zipperless Zipper technology” that’s claimed to retain the tangle-free appeal of the originals while cutting down on weight and bulk.

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Zipbuds are tangle-free earbuds

GeekDad Review: Zipbuds Pro Mic Earbuds

One of my kids is a music-loving, iPhone-toting teenager with a well-deserved reputation for burning through earbuds. Losing them isn’t the issue. Instead, she quickly tangles the cords into convoluted knots that inevitably end in the frayed cables snapping or being pulled out of the bud housing as the slack disappears. When Zipbuds offered to send “never tangle” Pro Mic earbuds to try out, I marched them straight up to Tasha’s room for the torture test.

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Moshi Audio Mythro Earbuds: Finally Earbuds For Small Ears

It is difficult for me to find earbuds that work in my ears. Most fall out because my ears are so tiny. For example, the standard iPod buds don’t even fit in my ears at all. I have used my kids earbuds in the past because they came with an extra small bud tip. But I can’t use my kids earbuds on a continual basis. The Moshi earbuds are the first earbuds I have found that actually stay in my ears.

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SMS Audio by 50 Cent: Earbuds and Earphones

Music can transport us to a different place and time and has the power to evoke the most tangible of memories from some of the biggest moments in our lives. It can take us away from where we really are to the places we long to be instead. Emanating from a speaker, the feeling can be wonderful, but heard on a quality set of headphones or earbuds, the experience can be truly magical. The SMS Audio line of earbuds and earphones by Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) aims to create such a feeling, but does it succeed?

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House of Marley: Headphones and Earbuds With Exceptional Sound

The House of Marley makes earbuds, headphones and audio systems all inspired by Bob Marley. How do they do that? By focusing on delivering high quality products through an environmentally friendly and cause-minded company. Using reggae as the benchmark for their audio testing, they strive for a rich bass sound that won’t distort or loose integrity at higher volumes. Their aim is to balance that rich bass so the highs aren’t drowned out and every voice and instrument is clear and discernible.

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