Review: a-Jays One Plus Earbuds

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Image provided by a-Jays.Image provided by a-Jays.

I’ve been using a set of a-Jays One Plus earbuds for a few months now, and they have slowly worked their way up to being my most often used set of earbuds for both phone and laptop. The One Plus are optimized for Android phones with a mic and a one button remote, but will also work with Windows phones and iPhones. They also offer the a-Jays Four model which matches the style of the iPhone 4 and has three remote buttons and a mic on the cord.

The a-Jays One Plus include support for an Android app which I have only tested. I don’t take a lot of phone calls, and don’t find myself needing a remote button to answer when I do. Usually I’m already on the call and switch to the earbuds so I can type while talking.

Sound quality is great, making these the second best sounding pair of earbuds that I have used. The Etymotic MC2 were the best, but they suffered a loss of audio in one ear after about 6 months. I think the majority of the difference between the two hinges on the sound isolation. The MC2 set blocked out almost all sound even before the music started. The One Plus set offers a more reasonable amount of isolation, but bass response does suffer for it. I still can’t hear people walk up behind me, but if I have the music at a reasonable level I can tell they are speaking to me.

Images provided by a-Jays.

The One Plus set sports a cool flat and durable ribbon cable. This is the first of many earbuds I’ve used that actually live up to their tangle free claim! I simply wad them up and stuff them into a small pocket in my Bag of Holding. Next time I need them I pull them out, find the plug, and gently shake it. The earbuds practically untie themselves as they straighten out.

Comfort is acceptable, but I’m not likely to wear these for more than a few hours per day. The ear insert is a little on the large size and is not as soft or form fitting as the MC2 set. I half-fixed the problem by testing out a bunch of cheaper earbuds to find a smaller and softer set. I’m looking forward to receiving my set of Airbudz from a Kickstarter that I mentioned quite a while back. The prototypes that I reviewed fit nicely on the a-Jays but weren’t very durable. The final product molded in silicone should make for a more comfortable fit.

Wired: Great sound, tangle free, and durable.

Tired: Comfort isn’t perfect, but it is fixable.

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