‘Doctor Who’ Season 9 Prologue Is Here!

Reading Time: 1 minute

As we count down the days to the premiere of Doctor Who season 9 (the thirty-fifth overall season of the show) on September 19th, the BBC has gifted us with a treat, a prologue. This has been a common practice for several seasons, giving a scene before the beginning of the season that grants fans a taste of what they’ll be seeing in the year to come. This time, for the first time since the Night of the Doctor short, the Doctor returns to Karn.

Who “he” is, we can only guess. Normally, I would guess the Master, but the last time we saw that particular Timelord, the pronoun “he” was no longer appropriate. We’ll have to wait and see what Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor and Jenna Coleman’s (conspicuously absent) Clara Oswald have gotten themselves into this time.

I’ll be returning to the Classic Who rewinds soon, but first I’ll be covering the new season with weekly reviews. Stay tuned.

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