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PatPat is a new daily deals-style site and app (available for both Android, and iOS–where it’s been featured in the App Store as one of the Best New Apps) that brings products curated so as to be of special interest to expecting or new parents: things like diapers, baby clothes, accessories for new babies, and more. The folks at PatPat have asked us to check out their offerings and app and introduce them to our readers (this is a sponsored post, but the opinions are our own).

If I’m going to try a daily deals site, the most important thing I think they have to deliver are the deals, so the first thing I did was to look through their offerings and compare them to the elephant in the nursery, Amazon.

The deals check out.

The easiest products to compare were the diapers, some waterproof hair clippers, and a baby thermometer. The diapers were on average at least 10% cheaper than Amazon (which is amazing for such a commodity product). The clippers were over 20% cheaper, and the thermometer was nearly 30% cheaper. Those price differences were really surprising!


The app itself (I tried the iOS app) is straightforward and easy to use; obviously, they make buying stuff as easy as possible, but user experience is everything if you want people to be happy while they shop.

As for the products offered, PatPat offers a rather wide array of baby clothes, kids clothing, accessories, and especially diapers; indeed, diapers is its own specific top-level category. There’s a definite feel that it’s geared towards moms buying for their kids and themselves (there’s a women’s section with clothing, shoes, and accessories, but no men’s section). As a daily-deals site, the offerings will change on a frequent basis.

55f6465fe9583PatPat is obviously making a big push to get into this space, and they’ve offered GeekDad readers a really good deal to get started on the site; if you use the coupon code GEED35 you’ll get a 35% discount, and $5 off on your first checkout. You’ll also get a $6 “wet bag” for groceries for just $0.64. That’s a great incentive for you to try PatPat out!

You can pick up the iOS app via this link.

You can pick up the Android app via this link.

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