Edutopia – Creating schools for the twenty-first century

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George Lucas has an idea for reforming public schools, and it has nothing to do with dressing little kids in homespun robes and teaching them to make objects float with their minds. Instead, the George Lucas Educational Foundation is looking for ways to use new technology and concepts like project learning and integrated studies to keep kids creative and engaged.

Edutopia is a website and magazine that highlights cutting-edge teaching all over the world. I’ve found lots of thought-provoking articles on schools and learning, and ideas for things to do with my own kids and the other students I work with. (The free email newsletters alert you to breaking news stories on topics that have been covered by the magazine.)

The organization has just started a membership drive. The details are not yet clear (it includes a year’s subscription to Edutopia magazine — which was previously free). But how can you resist joining this throng?

It’s about standing up as a person who pushes for change, who inspires innovation, who believes that our kids deserve creative approaches to learning that will prepare them for the world we live in today.

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