DC’s ‘Vixen’ Premieres on CW Seed

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VixenAre you a fan of CW’s DC universe but can’t wait for Flash or Arrow to return? If you have a short attention span, you’re in luck! The latest superhero to share a universe with those titular superheroes is Vixen, and the first episode of her animated series is available today on the CW Seed app. (It will also be available for streaming on the CW Seed website after the app premiere.)

At four minutes long, me doing any sort of extended review would be folly. Suffice to say, it establishes Vixen well and gives us a solid idea of where she fits. It feels genuine to the universe CW has established, featuring Flash and Arrow extensively (going so far as to having the cast members all voice their animated counterparts). As far as the decision to make Vixen animated–it makes sense. When I think of some of the truly ginchy CGI we’ve gotten from CW, I shudder to think how Vixen’s powers would be rendered in a live action show. I’m looking forward to seeing how the cliffhangers (yes, there are two of them) resolve in the next episode.

The art is solid, reminiscent of the Young Justice series. Keep in mind, though, just because it’s animated doesn’t mean it’s OK for younger kids (unless you want to spend some time explaining to them what kind of “job” Mari is talking about in the first ep). It’s short, so take the time to check it out first before letting them watch.

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