Nerdcore Rapper Adam WarRock Searches for Serenity

Geek Culture

While neither the first nor (alas) the longest-running television space Western, Joss Whedon’s Firefly managed to capture the attention of a legion of fans even after its unceremonious cancellation. It’s a license that lives on, thanks both to an expansion into other media (such as comic books) and the dogged dedication of the Browncoat fan community.

Just like Wizard Rockers, Twihards and Bronies, Browncoats have even managed to channel their love of Firefly/Serenity into song. The latest of these musical endeavors comes from comic shop hip-hopper Adam WarRock. Backed up by Mikal kHill of North Carolina nerdcore collective The ThoughtCriminals, the Browncoats Mixtape promises sharp lyricism, country-fried beats and hooks galore.

Check out the teaser below for a taste of the musical goodness.

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