SpyCam Nano RC Helicopter

Review: Silverlit’s SpyCam Nano RC Helicopter


SpyCam Nano RC Helicopter

Last week I had the opportunity to review my first remote controlled helicopter, and now that I’ve gained +1 experience in piloting RC helicopters I’m ready to review my second. The SpyCam Nano from toy manufacturer Silverlit is a slightly larger version of the Nano Falcon, but should still be considered a micro copter due to its compact size. Sure, it’s another fun toy helicopter to fly, but the main draw appeal of this one is found it its name–a spy cam.  I’ve toyed around (no pun intended) with the idea of piloting a drone before, and it seems like flying this RC helicopter is just a drone with training wheels.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think any CIA operatives will be using the SpyCam Nano for any covert ops information-gathering, but that doesn’t lessen the fun of being able to record footage from your flights. Video captured from the 640×480 resolution camera is stored on a micro SD card (not included) and allows users to also take still photos with the click of a button. The larger, but not too much larger size allows for greater stability for filming your escapades.

Storage and Flight Diagram of the SpyCam Nano

The micro USB connection located just above the SD access port serves a dual purpose as a connection to retrieve your images and video and also as a way of charging your copter. Compared to Silverlit’s Nano Falcon XS, which charges the helicopter unit by piggybacking off of the remote’s AA batteries, the computer-based connection should grant the SpyCam’s remote batteries a slightly longer life. An on-board LED indicator lets you know when you’re all charged up and ready to fly.

Silverlit does a great job in creating these fun toys that are affordable. The SpyCam Nano has an MSRP of $39.99, which is actually cheaper than the much smaller Falcon XS, and a better value, in my opinion. The stability of the slightly larger SpyCam Nano makes for a much smoother flight experience, as controlling the copter with the remote feels much smoother and I don’t find myself crashing constantly. The little extras such as the additional spare parts and the fact that the remote control also serves as the storage case are icing on the cake. If you’re new to flying RC-anything like me, this is a great entry level purchase.

Disclosure: I was provided with a unit for review purposes.

Check out the Japanese-language video below for a test flight of the SpyCam Nano for even more detail:

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